Things to do when selling your home

  1. First impressions last – The old saying still applies to your home today. You dont want to turn potential buyers off as soon as they walk in the door. Leaving the place looking run down and messy will sure lose majority of these buyers and will reduce the value or even prevent the sale of your home.
  2. Clean up – Clean both inside and out. Cleaning the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Washing the outside of your house, Pressure washing paths, driveway, fence, landscape gardening and cleaning the windows as well as cleaning your home internally will show the prospective buyers that the home is well looked after. No one likes a messy home
  3. Reduce clutter – Reduce the amount of unnecessary junk around the house. Obstacles can get in the way and the more objects in the house can make the place feel alot smaller.
  4. Fix the roof – The first thing a building inspector will do is check your roof for its condition. The roof is the main thing protecting your asset. Water ingress into a home can cause all sorts of problems and health issues.  Make sure to get it repaired and roof and gutters cleaned before.